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Display Advertising are ads that appear in specified areas of websites, social media platforms or apps that allow bidding for placement. While they are a form of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, they are not exactly the same as paid search ads. Their difference being that PPC ads are displayed on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) whiles Display Ads are placed on individual websites themselves. Display ads include banner or video ads that appear on the top, bottom or margin of a website or application, and interstitial ads that pop up before a web page loads.

What are Display Advertising good for?

Increasing your brand awareness
It is a known fact that consumers need to see information about a business several times before taking an action. Display advertising gives you a way to get your business name in front of them as they’re spending time online.
Retarget Marketing
You can target users who have previously visited your site by using cookies to track their activity. The remarketing ad appears when they’re browsing on another website in an attempt to get users back to your website. It could be a great way to intercept your consumers from doing business with your competitors if done effectively.
Reaching customers across several channels
The best marketing strategies reach people no matter where they’re spending time online. Many marketing strategies are focused on one channel – Facebook advertising is on social media, paid search advertising is on search engines, etc. But, display advertising can reach people on their mobile devices, on pretty much any website they’re on, and on social media.
Easily tracking its effectiveness
With display advertising, you can track how many times your ads have been seen, and how many users have clicked on your ads. Because display advertising is primarily a brand awareness-building marketing strategy, the number of impressions your ads are receiving will be your top metric to consider for success.

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